[Libreoffice] Excel 2003 XML format

Peter Jentsch pjotr at guineapics.de
Sun Apr 10 15:11:16 PDT 2011

 Hi Michael,

 Am Freitag, den 08.04.2011, 15:53 +0200 schrieb Michael Meeks 
 <michael.meeks at novell.com>:
>> I'd be personally prefer  dropping support for it completely
>> and focus on creating a rock-solid OOXML/ODF roundtrip experience.
> 	Oooh - it'd be lovely to have you working on this with the Novell 
> team;
> there are really lots of good things to do in this area across the
> various components I think. Do you have any particular bug-bears 
> there ?
 Erm, actually, no <blush>. I heard it's less than perfect especially 
 when your workflow involves several roundtrips between LibO and that 
 other office suite, but my job currently doesn't require such 
 roundtrips, so I'm spared from that experience.

 I'm personally more interested in XHTML and Wiki export, and whether or 
 not somebody picks up that idea for GSOC I'd like to contribute to that.

 Is there any place stating explicitly the capabilities of the current 
 OOXML/MOX filters, by the way? All I found with this regard is a study 
 by the German government  
 but even that is quite vague.

> 	ATB,
> 		Michael.

 Best regards,


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