[Libreoffice] Reporting an error when loading of a component fails

Noel Power nopower at novell.com
Wed Aug 3 05:02:08 PDT 2011

On 03/08/11 11:08, Noel Power wrote:
> ( /me must remember to reply-all )
> Hi Lubos
> On 02/08/11 13:58, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>>   Hello,
>>   last week .docx support was broken because of a mistake during the 
>> gbuild
>> changes and I wasted quite some time finding out what was wrong. As 
>> something
>> similar had happened to me already
> same for me ( too many times )
>>   before I'd like to apply the attached
>> patches. However I have some issues with it:
>> - the error dialog that pops up just says 'General error. General 
>> input/output
>> error.', which is completely unhelpful, however I don't feel like 
>> digging
>> more for how to pass the information as far as the place where the 
>> dialog is
>> shown,
> hmm I think it would be nicer to handle at least the 
> CannotActivateFactoryException problems from the filter instatiations 
> and pop a dialog ( debug output to terminal especially on weirdy 
> windows is not the best way to see this problem ), I vaguely recall 
> the twisted mechanism for getting some dialogs to pop with the 
> interaction handler stuff, I will have a look 

maybe this patch is useful to you, it has the disadvantage of creating 
the needed error dialog but then it also pops up the "General Error" one 
after that. I contemplated throwing ( well I actually half implemented 
it but gave up ) the exception up to allow SfxBaseModel::load to handle 
it but it appears there is all sorts of stuff inbetween that runs ( not 
expecting an exception ). Not passing an exception but setting a new ( 
or reusing an existing ) ERROR_IO_xxx ( or something )  also has 
problems like you can't easily ( or at all ) pass the error message, 
also I suppose you could use such a new error type to suppress the 
second 'General Error' but in the end it all just seemed too much 
trouble for what probably is just something you want in debug ( I guess )
So.. anyway patch attached if you think it might be useful, feel free to 
use/disregard/change totally etc.


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