[Libreoffice] [RFC] Download repository layout

Tomáš Chvátal tchvatal at novell.com
Wed Aug 17 06:33:56 PDT 2011

Hi guys,
current layout of the download stuff is quite confusing regarding to 
old/etc. As I am working on downstream stuff I am pretty sure that the 
only thing we mostly favor is that the things are not moved regarding to 
theirs age. Also quite great is if we don't have to investigate some 
branches and what version belongs where by using just name and the 
version everywhere.

So without much ado the simplified layout that I myself find sane (and 
hopefully you will like it too):

d.tdf.o <- domain
  \ - PACKAGENAME (if the hosted packages are more than libreoffice)
          \ - latest (symlink to latest version folder)
          \ - PACKAGEVERSION (full package version like
                   |               (the folders should be kept empty if 
we have nothing for version)
                   \- src/
                   \- box/
                   \- deb/
                   \- rpm/
                   \- win/
                   \- mac/

Swapping the version and src/win/mac folders.



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