[Libreoffice] Git tags: why not "3.3.4-rc2" instead of ""

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Aug 22 02:57:16 PDT 2011

Gioele Barabucci píše v St 17. 08. 2011 v 12:27 +0200:
> Hello,
> I was wondering why the git tags are named `` for 3.3.4-rc2 
> instead of the more natural `3.3.4-rc2` or the more common `v3.3.4-rc2`. 
> I am used to see as the second bugfix release for 3.3.4, or, in 
> more mathematical terms, > 3.3.4 = I hope 3.5-rc1 will 
> not be tagged as 3.5.1.
> Is this behaviour a leftover of the SVN workflow? Could it be changed?

The tag version is used for the source tarballs. They are used by distro
packagers. They do not like letters in the version. The letters work
well for alpha/beta/rc because the alphabetical order is correct. But
how to name the final build? 3.4.0 is considered as an older version
than 3.4.0rc1 by rpm. We do not want to keep rc in the final build
because it confuses users.

>From my point of view. Only developers and packagers take care of the
tag name. The current naming scheme is pretty clear for developers and
useful for packagers, so I vote to keep it ;-)

Best Regards,

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