[Libreoffice] Bug 38882 - [EasyHack] Make it easier to select/deselect UI languages in the Windows installer

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Mon Aug 22 05:45:19 PDT 2011

> I have now created a transform that disables all languages except for
> english and let's you define more languages like so:
> msiexec /i libreoffice33.msi TRANSFORMS="libreoffice33.mst"

> I am only wondering if this is how the initial bug reporter envisioned
> the fix should be? If it is, then I'll upload the transform to
> bugzilla.

It was I who initially came up with the EasyHack back when they were still in the Wiki. I didn't really have any specific solution in mind. All I knew was that the current way to do an end-user machine installation from an "administrative installation" (aka "server image"), where you had to specify each UI language *not* wanted separately, was too cumbersome.

As long as your patch doesn't affect a normal interactive installation (where a custom action automatically deselects those UI languages which aren't likely to be wanted), I would say it is fine.

You say you would attach a transform, i.e. a binary file? I think we wouldn't want to have a binary transform file in our sources. We want the source files for the transform and then additions to the build mechanism to create the binary transform, and to include the transform in the installer.

And most of all we want you to continue working on Windows installer issues;) Thank you very much for this!


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