[Libreoffice] Replacing LO SVG handling with OpenOffice code?

Alexander Wilms alexander.wilms at zoho.com
Mon Dec 5 14:49:48 PST 2011

Hi Michael, *

Nice to hear your consent :)
I figured that it would be too late for 3.5, but I wasn't aware that 
both Apache and TDF still need time for the relicensing.
Could you or anyone else give a guesstimate how long that will take?
Maybe it'd be useful to have a wiki page for collecting suggestions of 
features to be adopted. That  might make it easier to keep track of 
those features.


>> I just discovered that Apache OpenOffice now uses a new implementation
>> to handle SVGs natively. Since there are a lot of bug reports in LO
>> regarding broken SVGs I'd think using their code would be the best
>> solution. What do you think?
> 	Sure - sounds reasonable; Armin's a sharp guy and does some great work;
> IIRC the core code needed some improvements to make this work really
> well.
> 	A couple of things need sorting out that will make this miss our 3.5
> release: first the feature-freeze is ~today. Second - we need to get the
> licensing situation sorted out; as/when Oracle have finally finished
> re-licensing under AL2, and we have an MPLv2 out - we'll do the audit /
> digging work to re-license our code-base MPL/LGPLv3+ (on top of AL2). At
> that point we'll be able to cherry-pick such things from AOOI easily
> enough.
> 	So - sorry for the delay :-) but it does look like a nice improvement,
> for sure.
> 	All the best,
> 		Michael.

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