[Libreoffice] [Libreoffice-qa] Java 7 support in LO 3.4.5 (was: minutes of tech. steering call ...)

Pedro Lino pedlino at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 06:02:07 PST 2011

>> Executed File, Wizard, Letter. LOdev crashed.
>        Gosh; when you say 'crashed' - it took down the whole office suite ?
> that is a pretty horrendous existing bug it'd be nice to fix.

Yep. I would say so :)

>> Conclusion
>> LO 3.4.4 works like a charm but won't detect Java 7;
>        Right there is no support there.

I know that. Just reported it because I'm happy about 3.4.4 :)

>        So - on this basis, it sounds like supporting Java 7 is something we
> should be doing, if only to avoid the crashes when it is not present ;-)
> Having said that - the relevant components will be disabled if there was
> no Java on the system at install time.

What do you mean disabled? Is it automatically enabled when/if Java is
installed? If not then it would be better to keep it enabled and just
pop the warning (like in 3.4.4)

>        You can select it in tools->options IIRC, otherwise the latest version.

Yes I know how to select it. I just wanted to know the criteria.


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