[Libreoffice] Nonsense comments?

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Fri Feb 25 14:28:12 PST 2011

On 02/25/2011 09:46 PM, Caolán McNamara wrote:

> po files can have translator-comments in them to help translators
> about ambiguous terms/words, while the .src/.sdf format doesn't though,
translation with gettext would support this with comment using key-words
/ tags. Key words are configurable, maybe a convention has been set with
### as marker...

> right ? I recall a problem with trying to get the Spanish translation of
> an obscure paper size (8.5" x 13" ) set as "Oficio" given that this

with gettext, it would be roughly something like
coding in file.cxx:
/* TRANSLATORS paper size (8.5" x 13" ) */
printf("Long Bond");

with xgettext --add-comments TRANSLATORS
the po-file for this language would then looks (after translation) like

#. paper size (8.5" x 13" )
#src: file.cxx 123
msgid "Long Bond"
msgstr "Oficio"

in crazy idea to go to gettext, when really time available : -)

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