[Libreoffice] Change executable/sh names

Jesús Corrius jesus at softcatala.org
Sat Jan 15 03:47:59 PST 2011

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 1:12 PM, plino <pedlino at gmail.com> wrote:
> Michael, please don't regard this as a personal complaint.
> I think many users who are currently using OOo will have this problem when
> they try LO (and update any of them).
> I think it's a bad idea to cause grievance to users who are giving it a go.
> IMO it will make them stick to OOo...
> Changing this now would be a wiser option.
> As I mentioned in a previous post, I can manually change the exe names to
> l*.exe (as long as I don't rename soffice.exe which must be fixed
> internally) without any loss in functionality. I think this proves that it's
> a minor change for the program but a major change for usability.
> Just my 2 cents.

No, it's not a minor change as there are also many changes in the
registry to be done.

And also it doesn't fix the problem that when you uninstall OOo, the
current LibO installation gets broken, which in my opinion is a lot
more serious than the file association.

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