[Libreoffice] Little problem in LibreOffice Calc

Cesare Leonardi celeonar at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 13:36:11 PST 2011


I suggest you to write this information in the bug tracker: it's the 
natural place to report LibreOffice problems and avoid they get lost.
And you can search if someone else as already reported this problem.

On 27/01/2011 18:26, Łukasz Madurski wrote:
> I have a little problem in Calc. It is about the Sum function on Formula
> Bar. I have a "xls" file with formated cells (0,05 pt style). When I
> select the columns and try to make a sum of all selected values, Calc
> makes the sum under the formated cells. I know it's hard to explain. To
> show you what it is all about, I'm sending sceens from the file and the
> file itself. Even when I converted it to "ods", the problem still exists.
> I wonder if this is an error in LibreOffice? There is no such problem in
> OpenOffice.org 3.2.1

Please, report some more info: LibreOffice version, operative system 
(Windows?, Linux?).
And what are the exact steps you do to make the sum?
This happen only on that XLS file, on all XLS file, on every document?

Here, with LibO 3.3.0-rc4, as packaged on Debian experimental, it's not 
reproducible. I've create a new Calc doc, put some data on three 
columns, selected them then pressed the sum button on the toolbar. The 
sums are put in the first line after the data, as expected.



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