[Libreoffice] Kicking off 3rdparty packages

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Sun Jan 30 16:32:47 PST 2011

* Caolán McNamara <caolanm at redhat.com> schrieb:

> That's the argument in favour for using --with-system-libs and its
> definitely the right choice for distros.

The right choice for everybody who's not completely lobotomized ;-P

> Little bit trickier when putting on a ISV hat and trying to target
> all Linux distros

One binpkg for all distros ?! The whole idea of this is stupid.
Some of my customers didn't listen to me and tried that at any
cost, they failed miserably. I haven't the slightest bit if pity ;-o
> > Is there any reason to have to still carry around ancient buggy
> > bundled zlib ?
> Windows.

Why can't zlib simply be expected to be installed in some proper
place before building the actual application, as done on every
sane platform ?

> Sure, and the xpdf thing is a bit of a disaster as well.


> What's the target distro that the universal build on e.g. the website
> download site should pick. 

Trivial: your own microdistro. (prefix build approach, etc).

> We also definitely need to update to the latest stable versions of all
> the libs-extern/libs-extern-sys that we do have.

You really like to burn your resources for that all the time ?

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