[Libreoffice] "Upgrade" packages for windows

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Mon Jan 31 00:18:49 PST 2011

* Arno Teigseth <arnotixe at gmail.com> schrieb:

> - no one wants to make such a system just for libreoffice
> - it's more work figuring out the problems that probably will arise from
> an "upgrade package" than actually just installing the newer version of
> openoffice.
> These would probably be good reasons to give if anyone asks? #1 answer
> also puts the responsibility for building a package management system to
> where it belongs: the system owners, Microsoft.

Or to some other project, dedicated to generic Windows packaging.
(cygwin folks already have done a lot in this area, so that'd
be a good starting point). I'd like to help coordinating such a
project, but I don't have any resources to do actual works 
@Windows right now.

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