[Libreoffice] Using LibreOffice Editor as a widget in a third-party application

Sankar P sankar.curiosity at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 04:59:44 PST 2011

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 12:30 PM, Tor Lillqvist <tlillqvist at novell.com> wrote:
> In general, my opinion would be that if you have any other alternative, something that would be specifically designed to be used as a widget, use that instead. Because when you come across problems in using LibreOffice embedded in another application, there will be very few people interested or capable of helping you. This holds especially for Windows.
> But I might be too pessimistic (I often am), so feel free to ignore me.

I will go ahead with WebKit-gtk+

I was actually trying to implement a basic offline blog editor, such
that we can use LibreOffice (editor) to compose blogs and then publish
them to blogger/wordpress etc. I found a project blogtk which does
something similar but uses webkitgtk. I believe it will be a nice
extension for LibreOffice though. Google told me about some SunPublish
plugin but I couldn't find an easy way to install it and some user
feedback told that it was not working with recent versions.

Thanks for all your help.

Sankar P

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