[Libreoffice] HTML_ColorEntry sal_uLong->sal_uInt32

Chr. Rossmanith ChrRossmanith at gmx.de
Tue May 17 12:14:09 PDT 2011

> 	It looks nice :-) then again - I noticed this mess:
> #if defined( WNT )
>   __cdecl
> #endif
> #if defined( ICC )
>   _Optlink
> #endif
> 	Which (you would hope) would be implied by the extern "C" { } construct
> on Windows - with a SAL_CALL macro annotation instead :-) That won't
> work for ICC - but - our ICC support is almost certainly broken anyway
> and I doubt anyone cares.
Find patch attached. Here is what I did:

- changed a variables holding boolean values from int to bool
- used include-what-you-use and created new list of #includes
- introduced SAL_CALL

A question to SAL_CALL: The following command

find . -name "*.cxx"|xargs pcregrep -M 'WNT.*\n.*cdecl'

shows SAL_CALL candidates. But where in LO I can assume that it's fine 
to use SAL_CALL. Everywhere? E.g. autodoc/source/exes/adc_uni/main.cxx? 
Or for the first run only replace occurrences similar enough to the one 


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