[Libreoffice] [EASY HACKS] machine translation of remaining german comments acceptable?

Noel Grandin noel at peralex.com
Wed Oct 5 06:12:27 PDT 2011


I'm trying to write a machine translation program for the remaining german comments in the source code (using
google-translate to do the heavy lifting).

Is this acceptable?
I'm not a german speaker, so I won't be able to vet the resulting translation for accuracy, but I've done this before
for other applications, and the results were deemed reasonable.

I have the basic process working already (see below), but still lots of tweaking to go.

Thanks, Noel Grandin

automation/source/simplecm/simplecm.cxx:417:    CommunicationLinkRef rHold(pCL);    // H?lt den Zeiger bis zum Ende des
automation/source/simplecm/simplecm.cxx:417:    CommunicationLinkRef rHold(pCL);    // Keeps the pointer to the end of calls
automation/source/testtool/cmdstrm.cxx:375:            /// #59513# nicht mehr ben?tigt ( siehe oben )
automation/source/testtool/cmdstrm.cxx:375:            /// # 59 513 # bentigt not (see above)
automation/source/testtool/objtest.cxx:3107:// to prevent
automation/source/testtool/objtest.cxx:3107:// to preventable
basctl/source/basicide/baside2.cxx:263:// "Import" von baside4.cxx
basctl/source/basicide/baside2.cxx:263:// "Import" of baside4.cxx
basctl/source/basicide/basidesh.cxx:257:    // Damit bei einem Basic-Fehler beim Speichern die Shell nicht sofort
basctl/source/basicide/basidesh.cxx:257:    // This not a basic error when saving the shell immediately
basic/source/app/textedit.cxx:260:            if ( r.nStart > r.nEnd )    // Nur bis Bug von MD behoben
basic/source/app/textedit.cxx:260:            if ( r.nStart > r.nEnd )    // Fixed bug only to the MD
basic/source/classes/sbunoobj.cxx:2721:                        // nicht als feste Property in das Object aufgenommen
werden und
basic/source/classes/sbunoobj.cxx:2721:                        // are not included as a fixed property in the Object
basic/source/runtime/props.cxx:93:    // liefert eine leere Objekt-Variable.
basic/source/runtime/props.cxx:93:    // returns an empty object variable.
basic/source/sbx/sbxvar.cxx:179:        // Because the method could be called from outside, check the Da die Methode von
aussen aufrufbar ist, hier noch einmal
basic/source/sbx/sbxvar.cxx:179:        // Because the method could be called from outside, check the outside, as the
method is accessible from here again

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