[Libreoffice] Color Management in Libreoffice

Nabil Stendardo nabil at stendardo.org
Sun Oct 9 10:19:27 PDT 2011


I was just reading the Document Foundation wiki about Libreoffice. I 
read about all these feature requests, however one essential (however 
hard to implement) feature request seems to be missing: Color Management 
Support. If we had that, we would be IMHO lightyears ahead of the 
competition (I think even Microsoft Office doesn't have that), and for 
many pros, it is a must. The MIT-Licensed LittleCMS library might come 
in handy.

I would be willing to program that myself if I had more free time 
(and/or finances), but anyways I don't know anything about the 
LibreOffice codebase (never even compiled it).

I was just wondering how that was overlooked.

Nabil Stendardo
MSc in Computer Science

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