[Libreoffice] QA session at LibreOffice conference

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Mon Oct 10 14:12:59 PDT 2011

Hi Michael,

Michael Meeks wrote (10-10-11 22:15)

> 	Looks like you're in charge :-) and/or you had a great list of
> questions.


> 	This is your chance to discuss this, you've been concerned about it for
> a while, and we havn't managed to get to it. I'd really like to
> understand your concerns in detail, and perhaps others have similar /
> diverging views. I'm sure it is valuable.

OK, if you (too) see it like this, then we take it as the opportunity 
for better understanding and exchanging ideas and details and such.
I'll prepare myself for at least a good introduction on the topic for 
the session.


  - Cor
  - http://nl.libreoffice.org

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