gstreamer-1.0 support ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Mon Aug 13 07:55:46 PDT 2012

	JFYI - I pushed the gstreamer 1.0 support I've been working on to
master somewhat prematurely by accident. But it's there now ... so -
what's it all about ?

	After years of a 0.10 release - it seems the gst guys have decided to
bump to 1.0 and tweak their ABI at the same time.

	To handle that (since 0.10 will be what is deployed in most places for
the next year or so), I've tweaked avmedia to re-compile (mostly) the
same code twice - once for gst 0.10 and once for gst 1.0.

	For packagers (Petr I forget what the packaging list is) that means
that for the next release: 3.7 packagers will want to choose between:


	For the generic linux build we prolly want to ship both of these
backends for a while - we should fall-back through them activating first
gst-1.0 then gst-0.10.

	Having said that IIRC there is no gstreamer-1.0 release yet, and the
1.0 code-paths are rather un-tested [ help appreciated ], but the
fall-back 0.10 paths seem to continue to work nicely for me.



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