[GSOC-UDPATE](17.08) Impress Remote

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Aug 21 22:36:40 PDT 2012

> If it's ok with everyone I'm going to include cleaned bluetooth headers,
> from android, in the source tree to avoid the need for installing a library
> which isn't actually linked or used. (Headers viewable
> http://gitorious.org/0xdroid/system_bluetooth/trees/59ca0be6dc8ef3f30f8f863d8fb805a55bf12fe5/bluez-clean-headers/bluetooth
> ).
Sorry for replying late, but I am a bit unsure about this. Is it really a
good idea to have these "cleaned" header copies in our tree? I mean, one
more package to depend on (bluez-devel in the SUSE case, libbluetooth-dev
in Debian), what's the big deal with that? If some of the distro versions
we want to support don't have any such, we just need to make the Bluetooth
remote server code optional with a configure switch and some ifdefs, right?

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