[PUSHED] adding calc add-in for option pricing

tino ttk448 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 09:40:55 PST 2012

> > Do I also have to change the function name exported to the cell, e.g.
> 	My concern here would be that potentially calc function naming is not
> always a great match to UNO constraints - and yet those functions are
> defined as IDL. Some functions have '.'s in them IIRC, others might want
> to have _'s (?) and translating functions is prolly not feasible via the
> UNO interface.

Not sure I understand, would you prefer to see no '_' and rather
me to change OPT_BARRIER() to OPTBARRIER() or something?

I've attached a patch to sort out the internal UNO variable/function
naming issue.

Cheers, Tino
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