Personas in LibreOffice

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at
Fri Dec 14 08:53:58 PST 2012

Hi Kendy,

On 14 December 2012 17:21, Jan Holesovsky <kendy at> wrote:
> So far this is still not finished, and I am fighting to have some time
> to finish that for Beta 2, and for late feature approval ;-) - so it
> still may happen that I'll need to just disable that code in 4.0, even
> though I'd love to finish that - I am close.
> The reason why it is Windows-only so far is that we do much more theming
> of the menu and toolbars ourselves on Windows, so we can better control
> there what is going on; so want to go the safe way, and do it
> Windows-only first, then extend to Linux too.

Sorry to rain on the parade here .. but is there some good reason why
we need this feature?
If people are unhappy with how LibreOffice looks, we should probably
tweak the platform specific look until it is better. And from looking
at screenshots from Mac OS (and to a much lesser extent, working with
Windows), I do understand why people would say that.

The thing is, those problems won't be solved at all when we allow
people to put pictures of their cats in the application background. In
fact, that will make matters for the most part. (I haven't yet seen
the feature working so far... But even Firefox's implementation of it
which tries to make sure everything stays usable does not guarantee
readable results.)


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