[PATCH] [core/vcl/source/window/splitwin.cxx:2047] ->[core/vcl/source/window/splitwin.cxx:2045]:(style) Found duplicate branches for if and else.

Ivan Timofeev timofeev.i.s at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 05:41:48 PST 2012

On 18.02.2012 17:29, Mariusz Dykierek wrote:
> I have a 'replacement' patch that actually replaces most of if...else if...else chains with
> switches.


> They are more legible and seem natural when choosing branches depending on the same variable.

On the other hand, the evaluated expression is not visible at the 
first-look... A lot of people - a lot of opinions :)

> Question I have, is how do I submit the patch:
>   - as a reply to this thread, or
>   - a new patch in a new thread?

I think, if a patch extends or replaces a current one - submit as a 
reply, otherwise - start a new thread.


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