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Tue Feb 28 00:48:12 PST 2012


Atri Sharma wrote
> Do you think customizing lightproof(adding the user correctable feature)
> and customizing abiword's link parser for libreoffice is a good idea?

Lightproof provides basic tools for grammar checking. And it’s easy to
modify this tool.
On this basis, you can connect easily to the grammar API of LibreOffice and
you can retrieve informations on words through the spellchecker. There is
also other basic features.

As it is written in Python, it’s really easy to change that in a more
complex tool and create something really elaborate.
Grammalecte, the French grammar checker, is based on Lightproof, and at the
moment I’m adding a text preprocessor to clean sentences before grammar
checking. That’s not difficult.

The main problem you will have is to get a tagged Hunspell dictionary. May
be you could convert some other lexicon into a Hunspell dictionary, or you
could create a tool in Lighproof to read another lexicon. LanguageTool,
another grammar checker written in Java for LO, contains lexicons for many

I had never heard about the Abiword’s tool before today.

I was just musing if I can put it up for GsoC?

I don’t know.
Past year, there were a GsoC project for LanguageTool.


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