Questions about LO BASIC's ObjectCatalog class.

Noel Power nopower at
Tue Feb 28 02:49:49 PST 2012

Hi Tomcsik
On 28/02/12 08:46, Tomcsik Bence Tibor wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to modify the ObjectCatalog class to be able to dock left side 
> of the window. 
I like that idea ( and wanted to do that forever ) Have to say, in all 
my time I never even noticed this dialog :-)
> The objdlg.src file contains lots of informations about positions and 
> other things so if you change ObjectCatalog from FloatingWindow to 
> BasicDockingWindow, then you have to deal with the rewrite of the 
> objdlg.src file. 
> Is it possible to keep ObjectCatalog as FloatingWindow?
hrm, I have little clue about vcl but the name would suggest not, those 
other windows you mention ( Watch etc. ) are DockingWindows which seems 
necessary to do what you want, e.g. 'dock' :-) I doubt though that 
objdlg.src would need to change much, would it ? I mean other than 
changing the FloatingWindow to DockingWindow what do you need to change ?
> So far I tried to change to BasicDockingWindow (and changed the 
> constructor and source file too), but if I click on the Object Catalog 
> button, the program stops.
looking at the stack or the core for that might through some light on it

I'd try changing the src file and see if that helps


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