port spreadsheet engine to iOS

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sun Jul 1 10:27:55 PDT 2012

> I'm going to port the spreadsheet engine to iOS platform. I was just
> wondering is there anyone here who once did the same work before? Or could
> someone give me some directions/suggestions to do so?

Well, yes, most of the LIbreOffice platform-independent code compiles
just fine for iOS. What remains to be done is to fill in more of the
the details so that necessary UNO components that aren't dynamically
loaded on iOS but statically linked, get statically linked. Of course,
which UNO components will be needed at run-time depends on the app the
code is used in. And other bits and pieces. Of course if one wants to
build an actual app that uses LO code to handle text, spreadsheet
and/or presentation documents, all UI code is missing. Assuming the
plan we have been following so far (for Android) is the right one,
i.e. that UI code needs to be platform-specific, and that re-use of
desktop UI components in LO for touch platforms is wrong.

Just have a look in README.cross and learn to build the stuff
yourself. And then you need to understand a bit about how LibreOffice
works, UNO etc, before you can work on getting more of that to hang
properly together. There is a unit test program in ios/qa that builds
using Xcode into an iOS .app that corresponds to the sc_filters_test
unt test. That is the test program I have been tinkering with now and
then. All the relevant other bits of LO has to be built first, using
LO's normal build mechanism, before you can build the Xcode project


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