[ANN] LibreOffice 3.5.1 RC2 available

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Mar 9 09:19:20 PST 2012

ape píše v Pá 09. 03. 2012 v 05:41 -0800:
> Hi, Michael! 
> 1. Bug_46716 и Bug_36982 about.
> I think it's different errors. I think that Bug_46716 is an error opening
> the file in the algorithm.
> LibreOffice_Writer determined that some kind of formula is longer than the
> width of the page. Then it begins to open the file, creating a temporary ODT
> (in fact, not by name):
> - LibO_Writer (Windows OS) stops when it sees the type of OLE-object as
> "formula";
> - LibO_Writer ignores the long formula in Linux (no AltLinux-6) and creates
> an empty space.
> This specific work is the result of differences in operating systems. 

The data loss looks like a duplicate of
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36982. It was mentioned at
least 5 times in your bug. The dupplicate has been reported for 3.4.0
and is thus very old.

Such old bug can't block the release. Note that if it affected many
users, it would have got many duplicates, many people would have been
shouting in CC. It is not this case, so it is a kind of corner case.

It is pity that we missed 36982 for so long. IMHO, it was because it was
not in most annoying bugs for a long time, had low severity, and not
that scary summary.

Anyway, it has highest severity and priority in most annoying bugs now.
I hope that we will fix it soon.

>  2. "RC2_Win_x86" and "Win-x86 at 7-MinGW" about.
> Need to compile a separate "RC3" (Win_x86 only). Windows OS users will
> believe the program again in this case only. LibO-3.5.1RC2_Win_x86 is not
> necessary for the Windows user such that it is now. "RC2_Win_x86" is The
> Stalingrad Battle to LibreOffice.

We can't provide MinGW build to users. It has many other and even more
serious regressions.

Best Regards,

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