no functional TinderBox for master/3-7 full Windows builds

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Sun Nov 4 01:37:33 PST 2012

> Found a recommended source and copied the missing dll into the
> C:\Program File (x86)\LOdev 3.7\program directory.

"Recommended source"? Surely downloading random DLLs that are "missing"
from "helpful" sites and plonking them all over your machine is a very
traditional way to mess up your Windows?

OK, OK, no offence intended, *maybe* the copy of this particular Microsoft
DLL hosted by (presumably without permission, AFAIK one is
not permitted to redistribute the debug runtime?) is not infected by
malware, and *yes*, you knew enough to just put it in the application's own
directory (and not system32 or other system directory).

Anyway, the use of the debugging runtime by some part of LibreOffice is/was
a bug, hopefully one that I have fixed recently. Even when configured with
--enable-debug, LO is supposed to use just the normal runtime, not the
debugging one.

(If somebody wants to try again to have it use the debugging runtime when
configured with --enable-debug (including compiling with -D_DEBUG), feel
free, but please don't commit such a change before you have made 100% sure
that *everything* (especially the bundled "external" libraries including
nss) gets consistently built in that fashion. I worked on this a year or so
ago, but had to give up.)

(In the case of this msvcr100d.dll, presumably just getting that one
"missing" DLL helps. But I remember with horror noticing that "helpful"
sites like also offer isolated copies of GTK+ DLLs, for
instance, and in that case just making a single DLL available is in no way
sufficient; a proper installation of GTK+ on Windows contains lots of other
files, too.)


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