Help with #fdo52622

Marcos Souza at
Mon Nov 26 18:13:27 PST 2012

Hi LO guys,

After take a look in bugzilla, I reached a "simple" work: Remove duplicated

So, what can I do? Create a new file in tools dir?

If you can send me some tips, I believe I can help in this issue :)

Until now, I don't understood very well how to build process work, a lot of
.mk files...

So, if you can explain some things for me, I belvie I can learn how to0 do,
and do more after I do this fdo.

Thanks a lot guys for the patience!


Marcos Paulo de Souza
Acadêmico de Ciencia da Computação - FURB - SC
"Uma vida sem desafios é uma vida sem razão"
"A life without challenges, is a non reason life"
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