ScChangeTrackingExportHelper, SvNumberFormatter

Eike Rathke erack at
Thu Nov 29 11:14:52 PST 2012

Hi Stephan,

On Thursday, 2012-11-29 17:24:44 +0100, Stephan Bergmann wrote:

> Trying to build recent master on Windows with --enable-werror fails with
> >c:\lo\core\sc\source\filter\xml\xmlchangetrackingexporthelper.cxx(268) : warning C4701: potentially uninitialized local variable 'fTempValue' used
> >c:\lo\core\sc\source\filter\xml\xmlchangetrackingexporthelper.cxx(247) : warning C4701: potentially uninitialized local variable 'nIndex' used

<rant> grml.. can't that !@#$%^&*() platform not at least preserve case
of file names in error output if it already insists to use \ instead of
/ ... but that's consistency, it ensures one can use nothing to paste
and invoke the editor on a different platform.. </rant>

> and looking at ScChangeTrackingExportHelper::SetValueAttributes,
> SvNumberFormatter::IsNumberFormat etc., it is not clear to me at all
> whether the former will use nIndex and fTempValue only in situations
> where it is guaranteed that the latter has set their values.

nIndex needs to be initialized for IsNumberFormat(), usually 0 for
current locale and general number format, if it isn't the method assumes
an arbitrary number format it tries to match against if general
detection fails. Fortunately chances are that these arbitrary cases
mostly would fail as well.. fTempValue is initialized in
IsNumberFormat(), either to the number if it could parse some number and
returned true, or to 0.0 if it returned false. However, it doesn't hurt
to initialize also that.

Fixed with;a=commit;h=954ce6f102855be1bd5c84432003d529773b39a8

Thanks for the heads-up


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