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Ricardo Palomares Martínez rpmdisguise-nave at
Wed Jul 17 03:05:51 PDT 2013

El 17/07/13 12:03, Andras Timar escribió:
> Hi Ricardo,
> On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 10:24 AM, Ricardo Palomares Martínez
> <rpmdisguise-nave at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My name is Ricardo Palomares and I'm part of the currently active team
>> of RLA-ES [1], the project to maintain a free spelling dictionary of
>> Spanish in different variants. It's has been a long time since our
>> last release 0.6, in April 2012 [2].
>> We have the new 0.7 version available for downloading [3] and we were
>> told around a year ago that we should email to these addresses in
>> order to get LibreOffice Spanish builds to ship the dictionaries. I
>> hope our information is still good. :-)
> I'll push your update to LibreOffice repo, but there is a problem. The
> character encoding of th_es_ES_v2.dat is corrupted, it is not
> ISO-8859-1 as the header states, nor it is UTF-8. For example:
> al㠼1
> -|Dios|Todopoderoso|Jehová|Altísimo
> The problem is that first byte of UTF-8 sequence is changed from 'Ă'
> to 'ă' at many places. Maybe I can fix this, maybe not, but it would
> be better, if you fixed it, and release 0.7.1 version.

If you can wait before uploading, I'll fix it on our side.

Thanks for reporting.

Ricardo Palomares (RickieES)
Skype: rickie0341971
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