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Tue Jun 11 07:01:03 PDT 2013

Hi, Thomas

    Extend help is a good idea and adding a new dialog too. But I think
this characteristic of hsqldb would be hide from the user instead, because
if the deafult database change in the future (as I see there are some
efforts to it) and this database supports LIMIT without adding  GROUP BY or
WHERE, than these things get unneeded and the behaviour of Base change.
(Here I means that Base known by normal user who use it with the default
    This is why I prefer adding table alias to the select statement behind
GUI and allow the user to make queries like "select * from table limit y".

2013/6/11 Thomas Hackert <thackert at>

> Hello Alex,
> On Montag, 10. Juni 2013 21:06 Zolnai Tamás wrote:
> thanks, Alex, to bringing my problem to this list :)
> > Thanks for the note. I looked up the thread on german discuss
> > list. The problem is not that "doesn't insert the required WHERE
> > clause before the LIMIT" (it sounds like adding a criteria on GUI
> > and this criteria not inserted into the select statement before
> > the limit clause while running), but hsqldb does not support
> > queries like "select * from table limit y". In hsqldb's concept we
> > have to use a WHERE or an ORDER BY clause before LIMIT or at least
> > a Table alias.
> But should this not be mentioned in the help to "SQL;LIMIT clause"
> (so it is called in Germanophone OLH ... ;) In Pootle you can find
> it at
> )?
> Something like
> <quote>
> <ahelp hid=".">Expands the created select statement of the <link
> href="text/shared/explorer/database/02010100.xhp" name="SQL
> Query">SQL Query</link> by the LIMIT X clause</ahelp>. This can be
> used to limit your SQL Query results to those that fall within the
> first X number of it.
> Note: LIMIT does not work with Base per se. If you want to use it
> with %PRODUCTNAME Base's integrated HSQL, you need to add either
> "WHERE" or "ORDER BY" clauses in SQL.
> </quote>
> (or something like that)? Feel free to correct my errors and or
> improve it ... ;)
> > In case of mysql, Base appends a table alias automatically to the
> > select statement (read on the german list). I don't sure this
> > appending's aim is to avoid this problem or not, but can use for
> > hsqldb too.
> Is there a possibility to implement some kind of dialog to ask for
> the "WHERE" or "ORDER BY" clause in an easy way? I am not a
> programmer, so I could not be of any help, sorry ... :(
> Have a nice day
> Thomas.
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