LO /  Firebird DB Integration

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Sun Jun 16 02:34:53 PDT 2013

Hi Andrzej,

On Fri, 2013-06-14 at 19:49 +0100, Andrzej J. R. Hunt wrote:
> Brief update: I now have Firebird (2.5) building within LibreOffice --

	Nice - I guess it would be good to talk to Thorsten or Floeff or
someone about up-loading an archive / snapshot of this to our build
infrastructure - so we can hookup the download pieces (?).

> The Windows build looks like it'll be somewhat tricky, running
> configure fails at the moment with 

	:-) so - often it is necessary to tweak the generated configure files -
eg. libxslt/libxslt-configure.patch to make these things work. Of
course, ideally we can get changes to the configure.ac up-stream too.
Fridrich is really rather an expert here :-)

> According to the instructions at
> http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/building-the-code/ you are supposed to
> just run three .bat scripts, but I'm not sure how well that'll
> integrate with the rest of the LO build system -- I'll update once I
> understand more.

	It may be rather easier to have a few .bat scripts instead of a full
configure cycle on Windows.

	I guess you want a CustomTarget of some kind to run that (?)

	Encouraging progress anyhow :-)


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