SVG: scaling if no width/height is given

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Wed Jun 19 08:55:59 PDT 2013

Hi Armin,

I wonder, you wrote:
> you have found the developer of the SVG import, congrats ;-)
Christina has been doing great development work around the LibreOffice
svg story, not limited to, but including 'your' svg code - as did a
number of other people. In total, there are 26 very useful fixes on
top of the apache svgio code, and numerous (64 in this year alone)
e.g. in drawinglayer. So it appears to be more of a collective effort
on this side. ;)

> To do so, I would need a bug report on the Apache AOO bugtracker,
Why not look into the libreoffice bugtracker? It is there for all to
see. :)


-- Thorsten
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