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Jean-Baptiste Faure jbf.faure at
Fri Nov 8 23:42:02 PST 2013


Le 07/11/2013 20:20, Bryan Quigley a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've been looking at the Save As formats again and have another few
> changes I'd like to propose.  Like last time, these changes would be
> UI only and not impact importing these file formats.
> 1.  Remove all of the " 1.0" file formats.   People may
> think they should use this to communicate with OpenOffice users.
> More importantly I don't see any use case for this file format
> anymore.  Is anyone still exporting to it / or know anyone who is?
> (Google,which overestimates shows filetype:sxw, 23,300.  filetype:odt,
> 2,610,000. )

I agree.
But, if we remove the ability to _write_ legacy OOo formats, we need to
continue to _read_ them.

We could do that in two steps, version 4.2 add "deprecated" to the
format name; version 4.3 remove the format name from the list.
And, of course, clear information in release notes.

Best regards

Seuls des formats ouverts peuvent assurer la pérennité de vos documents.

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