Handling of worksheet functions from Excel 2010 and newer

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Tue Nov 12 22:59:37 PST 2013

Hi Markus,

>So Kohei just tested that the functions are imported without an error (which made sense as he was writing a test for a bug). What I was >suggesting for your case is that you take some of the corner cases that you know and write a test for them. This is what I started once for ODS >with testFunctionsODS. That way we can test that we import the function and that the function behaves correctly in the corner cases. Hopefully >this helps to make sure that nobody ever breaks this function.

The new Excel 2010 functions are mostly renamed existing functions and new functions with minor differences, so far all quite straightforward.
IMHO I don't think there are corner cases specifically for most of these functions, as the 'corners' are already handled by the existing calc functions. Testing will mostly be limited to the correct handling of the import.

>Btw if your only problem with writing test cases is that you don't have access to Excel just ask for help. Kohei, Eike and I have access to Excel and >can surely create the test file that you need or check that your file imports correctly.
I was thinking to create an xlsx document with all the renamed and new Excel functions (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/what-s-new-changes-made-to-excel-functions-HA010355760.aspx) and add a test line in /sc/qa/unit/subsequent_filters-test.cxx, ScFiltersTest::testFunctionsExcel2010() each time I add new functions. That way the xlsx document is changed only once (don't know how well binary changes look in git/gerrit), but this approach necessitates the presence of Excel 2010/2013. On the other hand, as I seem to read that you offer help in creating the test file, that may not be a problem after all.:)
Once I have a function with real corner cases that ought to be tested, I can add these corner cases myself.
OTOH if you think only corner cases need to be tested, I can put them in an xlsx document (exported from calc) myself and ask for an Excel-check of the document when submitting.


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