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Siqi Liu me at siqi.fr
Wed Nov 20 14:22:54 PST 2013

Hello Andras,

Indeed the localization process in iOS development was quite broken before
iOS6. Actually when I set out to build this app, iOS7 was not yet released
so I tried my best to keep the app compatible with iOS5 and iOS6. It's now
compatible with iOS7 as well but keeping it compatible with iOS5 devices
also brings some side effects:

iOS5 doesn't support "base storyboard" (one UI file+one localization
strings file for each language) and therefore each time we support a new
language, we need to create a separate storyboard (iOS's UI design file)
for that. In order to avoid the pain keeping storyborads for different
languages in sync, I've used a python script which propagates all UI
changes in the English storyboard to all other languages's storyboard and
remplace all strings in these storyboards accordingly at the end of each

So here is how it works for now:

1. For strings that are displayed programmatically, the Localizable.strings
files would be used. For each language, there should be one
*Localizable.strings* file.
2. For strings in the Storyboard, the python script will go through the
whole file and extract all the strings in the storyboards. We translate
those files from English to another language and then, we build the project
again and the python script would take care of replacing all the strings
into storyboard files accordingly. Therefore, there would be two files
here, *iPad_autosize.strings* and *iPhone_autosize.strings*.

For the time being this solution (or a hack xD) is still a workable
solution to keep backward compatibility with iOS5, so it might be
worthwhile to keep it that way for now. With future releases from Apple,
this might provoke some problems and we can consider dropping iOS5 support

However I'm not as experienced in terms of software management and it might
be better to just drop the iOS5 support now, so don't hesitate to give me
your advice on that.

Final word: I will push some updates to the localizations files and
hopefully the three localization files that I've underlined would be ready
to be uploaded to Pootle. I will send you an email when it's ready.

All the best!


2013/11/17 Andras Timar <timar74 at gmail.com>

> Hi Siqi,
> I'm working on the localization of mobile Impress Remote applications.
> Unfortunately I'm a newbie at iOS development. I did not understand
> the current directory structure under ios/iosremote, and I'm not sure,
> if all localizable strings are extracted. How do you generate .strings
> files? Why are there two locations for localizable stuff --
> ios/iosremote/en.lproj and ios/iosremote/iosremote/en.lproj?
> I ran git grep NSLocalizedString, and it seems that strings from
> ios/iosremote/InAppSettingsKit are not in Localized.strings.
> In the end, I think we should have 3 English files:
> Localized.strings
> iPad_autosize.strings
> iPhone_autosize.strings
> I want to upload them to Pootle, then merge back translations into
> source, and push to git.
> Thanks for you help in advance.
> Andras


Siqi LIU

Étudiant Ingénieur, 1ère année
École Supérieur d'Électricité (Supélec)
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