About parts in ODatabaseMetaData.cxx (connectivy module/odbc part)

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Sat Apr 5 01:40:03 PDT 2014

Lionel Elie Mamane wrote
> It would seem to me that indeed the "ownDeletesAreVisible" is
> wrong. OTOH, it was "==" and it was changed in (by Ocke Janssen, not
> Olivier
> Bolte, who as far as I understand has done the merge):
> ...
> So I would like to be cautious there. I cannot find any definite
> source whether "ownDeletesAreVisible" means "the deleted rows are
> still visible" or "the delete action is visible -> the deleted rows
> are not visible". If we can find some good documentation or example
> from another JDBC driver...

I found a French link (but it's not official),
On peut tester si notre ResultSet voit ses propres suppressions ou pas, par
appel à la méthode DatabaseMetaData.ownDeletesAreVisible(int type). Si elles
le sont, alors la méthode rowDeleted() retourne true si la ligne a été
effacée, false sinon....

Il est important de savoir si un ResultSet est sensible ou non aux lignes
que l'on efface dedans, car dans certaines implémentations, les lignes
effacées ne sont pas retirées, mais remplacées par des lignes vides. 
quick and dirty translation:
"We can test if our resultset sees its own deletes or not, when calling
DatabaseMetaData.ownDeletesAreVisible(int type). If deletes are visible, so
the RowDeleted() method returns "true" if the row has been removed, false
otherwise. ..

It's important to know if a Resultset takes into account the rows deleted in
it, because in some implementations, the deleted rows are not removed but
replaced by empty rows.


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