[Bug 30732] Character formatting not retained in entries of TOC, table lists, etc.

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Sun Jul 13 03:43:46 PDT 2014


--- Comment #29 from Owen Genat <owen.genat at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #28)
> Confirmed fixed for subscript, superscript and italics. 

Confirmed for these forms of direct formatting for Table of Contents entries
only. These forms are not yet supported:

- Character styles using these characteristics (e.g., the pre-defined Emphasis
style or custom styles using super/subscript) in ToC entries. 
- Illustration Index or Table Index entries (using direct formatting or a
character style). 
- Footnote anchors (small superscripted identifier) in Table of Contents,
Illustration Index, or Table Index entries.
- Cross-references to any Heading, Caption, Bookmark, or Reference mark that
include these forms of direct formatting or character style.

> "selected character attributes" means no bold, underline, font changes, font
> colours and Unicode Line Breaks, right? 

This may be a reference to not only a limited sub-set of characteristics, but
also those applied only via direct formatting.

> This will probably not satisfy Owen Genat (see comment 15)

:^) That comment was mainly to point out the intricacies involved (as I saw
them), particularly in relation to line breaking situations (which are likely
out of scope). Italic+superscript+subscript is a good start, but I do feel it
would be good if the points listed above as unsupported were included. Both the
Apache issue and this bug cite other forms of index. Character styles /
cross-references would seem an unfortunate omission. We do now however have a

> Nice work, Tobias! I vote for VERIFIED FIXED.

Well done from me also, although I am more hesitant on calling it fixed. Tested
under Crunchbang 11 x86_64 running v4.4.0.0.alpha0+ Build ID:

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