[Bug 84938] replace #defined constants with ‘enum class’

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Sun Nov 9 22:05:02 PST 2014


--- Comment #6 from Noel Grandin <noelgrandin at gmail.com> ---
Glad to here you are working on this!

(In reply to Terrence Enger from comment #5)
> (*) I have the name DatasourceItemId for the class.  Is this good?
Sounds finee.

> (*) The member name looks like a #defined name: uppercase with
>     underscores between "words".  Does anybody care for more details?
Sounds fine.

> (*) I have changed to types of data members in some other classes.  I
>     do not see why these variables are necessary, but I have not dug
>     into the question.
That's pretty normal.

> (*) So far, I have arbitrarily limited my changes to dbaccess; when
>     an item goes outside the module--SfxItemSet comes to mind--I have
>     cast the item to int.  Is this a reasonable way to do it?  Failing
>     that, is the result worth anything?
That's a normal approach, except for cases where something else might be
#including headers from dbaccess, in which case I'd except the code to
be modified to use the new 'enum class' type.

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