LibreOffice extensions to ODF: Improving documentation

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at
Sun Nov 16 21:21:55 PST 2014

To make it easier to keep track of what we've extended in ODF (and
what has been proposed to OASIS vs. added to the next version of ODF
vs. been implemented in LO, etc..) I thought up a few new columns to
add to our table that lists all LibreOffice extensions to ODF:

This update should make it easier for both devs and users to keep
track of our ODF extensions, and to help them understand what features
will be lost if documents are saved as ODF 1.2 vs. ODF 1.2 Extended.

Here's the extended list of columns:

! Commit
! Added to master            <!-- rough date pulled into master -->
! ODF Version(s) Extended  <!-- e.g. 1.2+ -->
! Affects LO Versions  <!-- e.g. (3.5.6 - current). Once a feature is
implemented officially in ODF and LO, we can close the range, at least
when saving in the latest version of ODF  -->
! Validation Errors  <!-- Any errors/warnings this feature will
trigger in an ODF validator, or "none" -->
! Added elements/attributes
! Functional Area
! OASIS cross-reference
! Standardized in ODF  <!-- ODF version # in which this feature was
added (or explanation for not becoming a standard) -->
! Standardized as...   <!-- Name of the feature in ODF (+ URL link to
section of spec) -->

Suggestions on how to improve the column names (and provide more
clarity about how we extend ODF) greatly appreciated!


Robinson Tryon
QA Engineer - The Document Foundation
LibreOffice Community Outreach Herald
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