LibreOffice extensions to ODF: Improving documentation

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Wed Nov 26 08:06:25 PST 2014

On 17.11.2014 06:21, Robinson Tryon wrote:
> To make it easier to keep track of what we've extended in ODF (and
> what has been proposed to OASIS vs. added to the next version of ODF
> vs. been implemented in LO, etc..) I thought up a few new columns to
> add to our table that lists all LibreOffice extensions to ODF:
> This update should make it easier for both devs and users to keep
> track of our ODF extensions, and to help them understand what features
> will be lost if documents are saved as ODF 1.2 vs. ODF 1.2 Extended.

> Here's the extended list of columns:

sounds nice, except:

> ! ODF Version(s) Extended  <!-- e.g. 1.2+ -->

this should generally be the latest ODF version that the LO release
supports, and if you select to store your files in a specific,
non-extended version in Tools->Options you don't (or at least shouldn't)
get any extensions... so what's the benefit of tracking this?

> ! Validation Errors  <!-- Any errors/warnings this feature will
> trigger in an ODF validator, or "none" -->

i'm not sure if this is so useful - you can tell the validator if you
want to check strictly against the schema or allow extensions:

 -c: Check conformance (default for ODF 1.2 documents)
 -e: Check extended conformance (ODF 1.2 documents only)

if the extensions are properly name-spaced then validation with -e
should not report any errors, and validating a document stored as
"extended" with strict conformance will inevitably report problems, so
don't do that.

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