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nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at
Wed Oct 1 05:21:09 PDT 2014


>At the end of the Windows configure; and warning hard may have helped people like Nicholas save quite a chunk of time.

[nicholas ferguson] 
This is an example of the high cost of doing a build and development work with LibreOffie. 

Most developers,download the sofware.  Look at the ReadME file and then proceed.

when I started I had to search for something to clear up issues. I asked Michael, where's the wiki that I read for windows development.  He said it was not updated, but maybe I could update it.  

Community, that translates, you'll have to ask us questions.  So I had to ask questions to Michael and Tor.  I had to work at it.

That is a symptom of a high cost of entry.

Instead, there should be a call to the community to update the wiki pages for developing LibreOffice on windows. Then someone like me would get and answer like..go to this wiki and follow it.  The wiki would contain even FAQ about failures.

Then when I ask about spinning off cppunit tests into independent apps.  I know that there has been a group of people that have done that.  I don't hear...oh go to this github..we have uploaded work there.  I don't even hear .. go to this wiki and follow instructions and read the FAQ. What I hear instead is... yeah lots of people did that..this is their point of focus...some vague answer like that.

That is a high cost of entry.

I just checked the wiki page for building a release version on windows.  I see it has been updated. Where is the info for a debug version?
why isn't this wiki page referenced in the readme?  Isn't that wiki a page for develpers.  What kind of developer in your world, doesn't build a debug version, first?

Where is it mentioned how not to keep downloading the tar files? for 3rd party dependencies.  That alone is a HUGE COST OF discover how to turn that off.

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