4.3.x linux packages and collada support

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at collabora.com
Sat Sep 27 10:25:05 PDT 2014

Hi Tamas,

On Sat, 2014-09-27 at 16:05 +0200, Zolnai Tamás wrote:
> It's the collada2gltf code which uses std::shared_ptr at many places
> so it would be much work to replace all of them with
> boost::shared_ptr, but actually can be done if necessary.

	Interesting; we should work out what is best to do there I guess.

>  I just thought packages are created with newer compilers, since they
> generate more better output (in theory).

	We compile LibreOffice on our oldest Linux base-line, which is
something horribly old; that is because it is the only effective way to
get backwards comaptibilioty 

> Other thing is that I need to know whether this is the problem indeed.
> So can I know what compilers are used for packages? Are they support
> std::shared_ptr?

	AFAICS it is bad form to disable the feature during the release series
without discussing it and/or notifying the author etc. I imagine it was
inadvertent, and/or Cloph who normally does the compiles is on vacation
& Robinson has been standing in for a bit; I've no idea what happened
here. I took a look at configure.ac and distro-config's on the branch
and couldn't see what happened there either.

	What commit disabled that ?

	All the best,


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