Two svg import filters

Anthonys Lists antlists at
Mon Dec 21 13:53:54 PST 2015

On 18/12/2015 09:29, Armin Le Grand wrote:
> Despite the quality being quite different, even when this would be 
> fixed, there will alwyas be slight differences. How do you explain a 
> user that the quality of the SVG he wants to use depends on the way he 
> uses it? Does anyone expect users to know the difference between 
> opening and inserting an SVG? How much do users like answers as 'yes, 
> but you added it in the 'wrong' way...'? There should be no wrong way. 
> You should not need expertise know-how to be able to use SVG in the 
> best possible quality. 

I would have thought the difference between "open" and "insert" was 
pretty clear (yes, I know there are plenty of clueless lusers out 
there). But it applies to pretty much ALL objects - if you "insert" then 
LO keeps the object unaltered, if you "open" then LO converts the object 
to a form that it can edit.

This is the way I understood MS originally intended inserting to work - 
okay they didn't bother implementing it properly... but that is the way 
LO should work across the board. Think of putting spreadsheet data into 
a Word document - do you embed/insert an Excel spreadsheet, or 
cut-n-paste into a Word table?

I don't know to what extent it's been fixed, but I think a lot of user 
confusion is down to various Office apps being inconsistent in how they 
behave - LO is (or was) a big offender imho, but then MS Office was 
likely worse ...


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