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Mohammed Abdul Azeem azeemmysore at
Wed Jun 29 18:17:13 UTC 2016


*Progress for week5:*
When trying to adopt LegacyFastParser in place of old parser, we hit quite
a few problems. Some of the XDocumentHandlers were using
namespacePrefix:foo kind of comparision directly on element name and some
expect namespace declarations explicitly and tries to resolve the already
resolved name in case of LegacyFastParser.

I thought of pushing xmlns: declaration through unknown attributes ( ), but as Michael said, it would
affect the performance where XFastParser is already being used. So I've
reconsidered and thinking of implementing some kind of namespace handler
and keep the bit away from usual cases of XFastParser. I'm currently
looking into all places where XParser is used and where Document
Handler misuses
defined namespaces without resolving them. I'm hoping to write a
comprehensive test to cover all these cases within this week.

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