Application to Google Summer of Code

Jaskaran Singh jvsg1303 at
Sat Apr 1 13:31:03 UTC 2017

Hi Alex,

Great to see you working towards your application!

Ideally, you have to talk with Mentors about your proposal either on the
mailing list or on the IRC channel. This has to happen before you submit
your proposal finally. Discussing your proposal with them would make it

For the "prove yourself" part, you have to submit at least one patch
that would prove us that you know how to code and can build libreoffice.
You can select any(related to the component you're aiming for in GSoC)
"easy hack" from that link given on that page. Better if you can do this
before April 3 but don't worry you can still do it after the deadline.
There used to be a deadline for submitting easy hacks that was beyond
the deadline for GSoC application but can't find it anywhere this year.
But yeah, try to do it ASAP.

Jaskaran Veer Singh (jvsg)
jvsg1303 at gmail dot com
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