AW: AW: tdf#108580: integrate vc_redist.exe into Windows installer

Mike Kaganski mike.kaganski at
Fri Dec 15 10:22:41 UTC 2017

On 12/15/2017 12:53 PM, Juergen Funk Mailinglist wrote:
> Hi Mike
>> 1. Creating a redirect at TDF side imposes additional load to our server infrastructure;
>> 2. Users will depend on reliability of TDF servers wrt this (in terms of their state, correctness of the link, and also possible man-in-the-middle problems with modified links pointing to malware) - note that LO downloads themselves are served from multiple mirrors, but this kind of redirection can't work using mirrors
> I have mean directly from Microsoft not from TDF.

As I mentioned, there's no "Latest VS 2015 redist" static link on their 
side. Only "VS 2015 redist version X.Y.Z", which is the same as 
embedding this specific version into installer.

Also: at the time of creating the installer, we could possibly check 
that our embedded redist is ~current, so users would have reasonably low 
chance to get update request related to newly installed software (taking 
into account our rate of releases). OTOH, if a user chooses to download 
and install an out-of-date version, then it's not unexpected that, e.g., 
LibreOffice itself would warn about "newer version available"; so I 
don't see anything unexpected here on redist side as well.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski

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