how to make resource file

jaeseok jdjsk at
Tue Jan 10 13:01:55 UTC 2017

thanks your kindness, I read in website.

I knew the fact that installed the program not Libreoffice but Openoffice.
so I looked around '' in libreoffice opengrok and I
studied gb_macro.

but I don't know well yet. 

In, I can assign the resource name and generation
path through gb_SrsTarget_add_files. but I think the gb_macro is only assign
name and the path. 

for example,

gb_SrsTarget_add_files is used in
     25 $(eval $(call gb_SrsTarget_add_files,formula/res,\
     26     formula/source/core/resource/core_resource.src \

gb_SrsTarget_add_files is define in
    214 define gb_SrsTarget_add_files
    215 $(foreach file,$(2),$(call gb_SrsTarget_add_file,$(1),$(file)))
    217 endef

In, SrsTarget class inheritanced from and add_files
function is define

In mk files, I found the command such as mkdir, dir, echo, rm, but, that's
all. nowhere not exist convert code. 

where is the code convert src to binary?

and I want to convert my src file to binary file for some reasons. Improve
Korean localisation, change UI strings, add functions.

best regards.

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