how to operate gb_macro(solenv/gbuild)

Jan Iversen jani at
Wed Jan 11 09:56:15 UTC 2017

> What I ultimately want to do is work on a personal project. I do not have
> enough skills yet, but I want to be a developer of Libre Office later on.
> I want to create a function that automatically completes the screen if there
> is the same letter as the data of the data pool stored in advance while
> inputting characters on the screen. In this case, we want to keep the data
> storage method in hexadecimal format when managing the file containing the
> data.
Well text is hexadecimal if you prefer to read it that way :-)

Using hexadecimal to really store text, and not only as display formats, basically doubles the string size, that sounds a bit strange to me.

> I saw that the formula module was managing the data in hexadecimal
> (foren.res), and I was tracking the process to refer to it. So I wanted to
> know everything related to foren.res being created and used.
For sure it is not the text the user inputs, nor is it the texts used in calc.

You need to write an extension, and work through the UNO API, that is basically the way to interact with LO. If you want to write a general program that completes screen in any program, then I can only wish you good luck, we concentrate on people who contribute to LibreOffice on this list.

jan I.

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