failing tinderboxes after commit

Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at
Sun Dec 2 23:43:36 UTC 2018

Am 2. Dezember 2018 23:14:03 MEZ schrieb Jim Raykowski <raykowj at>:
>Hello All,
>I have recently been granted the great privilege to be part of the
>Commiters group on gerrit. I have notice each time I have committed a
>a tinder box failure occurs and a message is sent saying "One of you
>the build of LibreOffice with your commit :-( Please commit and push a
>All commits have been +1'd by Jenkins.
>So before I break the build again I would very much appreciate commit

Simply said: Tinderboxes run in a lot of more different setups then Jenkins; that's basically their whole point. There are many more options to build LO then Jenkins could ever test in a sensible amount of time - same for the OS setup.

So I guess you're just unlucky. Those mails contain a list of all patches since the last successful build. If you committed your patch after the build was already broken, you'll also get these mails. Not much to do about it, as the tinderbox just knows the hash of the last successful build. It will continue to build LO with new patches in the configured branch. At some point the build will probably be fixed and you won't get any more of these mails.

These mails also contain the failure information from the build. Can be a compiler, unit test, infrastructure, disc space or many other problems. Normally you should be able to see quickly, if your change might have been the origin of the problem or if you can ignore the mail.



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